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 Slocum Law 

Financial Issues Can
Knock You Off Course

We'll Get You Back on Track


Learn why filing chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy may be the right solution to get you back on track. 

We help stop a foreclosure. Slocum Law offers several options to save your home.

Slocum Law defends clients against unfair collections and debt reporting practices. 

Slocum Law can negotiate for or defend clients when mortgage companies fall short. 

Aggressive legal action may be needed to correct a credit report error. 

Student Loan repayment options are changing. Slocum Law can help clarify your options.

Book a Free Consultation

Use our online booking link to schedule your free bankruptcy phone consultation at a time convenient for you. You'll gain insights on your debt relief options and if bankruptcy is right for your situation. 

Book Cover Finding Peace in Bankruptcy by Keith Slocum

Request your free bankruptcy guide, written by bankruptcy lawyer Keith Slocum.  

M Ryder, TN

“Keith is the absolute BEST in mortgage litigation. Thank you for standing by us. I tell people I only know one good attorney!"
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Address: 370 Mallory Station Suite 504

Franklin TN 37067

(615) 656-3344

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